To Produce More Dairy Products

The Unjong Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm in Pongsan County, North Hwanghae Province, is one of units that supply dairy products to kindergartens and nurseries in Sariwon City.

The farm has favourable conditions for goats’ grazing for its location in a hilly area and proper temperature and sunshine.

In particular, it is quite suitable for producing milk and meat as it is free from pollution.

Every year, the period from May to September is the busiest time for the farm.

In this period, such work as grazing, milk processing and breeding are conducted all at once.

The farm has created tens of hectares of artificial and natural pasture for cyclic pasturage and is increasing the weight of goats by producing protein-rich assorted feed.

It also makes efforts to acclimatize a new superior strain of goat so as to build up its production foundation.

Milk production per a head of goat is 1.5 to 2 kg per day on average and 3 kg to the maximum.

The goat milk produced at branch farms is processed at a processing factory to be supplied to relevant areas.

The farm is now promoting the work of completing the milk powder production process in order to supply high-quality dairy products to children even in winter, and introducing the enlarged milking method for increasing milk production while maintaining the internal nutrition of goat even in the breeding period.

Jo Chol Song, chairman of the management board of the farm, said:

It was an established formula that it is impossible to increase milk production in the breeding period. The pleasure of creating something is greater than that of enjoying it. We will boost production, true to the state policy for supplying more dairy products to children. 

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