Natural Monument―Fossil of “Paekthosae”

The fossil of “Paekthosae” (Archaeopteryx Coreanicus) was registered as a natural monument.

It was unearthed by lecturers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University at Paektho-dong, Sinuiju City, North Phyongan Province. As the fossil of a bird that existed 130 million years ago, its brainpan, toe bones, 11 primary quills and small barbs are clearly preserved.

The researchers scientifically proved that, considering the morphological and structural features of its quills, it was a bird suitable to flying.

Such a fossil that preserves primary quills and small barbs has been seldom discovered up to now.

The fossil is of great academic value as it makes it possible to scientifically prove the fact that Korea is also the cradle of birds.

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