National Food ―Jang

From olden times, the sweet, bitter, pungent, salty and sour tastes are called five flavours.

Among Korean national foods is jang, which has the sixth flavour.

Jang, which refers to soy sauce, bean paste and hot pepper paste in all, has savoury taste, which is called the “sixth flavour”.

It is a fermented food with high nutritive value.

Bean contains the largest amount of protein among cereals, but its digestibility changes how it is processed.

It is said that one can hardly digest raw bean, but 70 percent when it is boiled or boiled and ground, and about 90 percent when it is made as bean curd.

But the nutrients of fermented jang are absorbed into body almost completely.

There are several kinds of processed bean foods, but none of them can be compared to jang in the aspect of digestibility.

Jang contains large amounts of matters conducive to increasing immunity and retarding the aging, so it has a remarkable pharmacological action.

It plays an important role in the dietary life of the Korean nation as it is helpful to promoting health and longevity of people and produces the “sixth flavour” of savoury taste.

The Korean people have used various kinds of jang such as soy sauce, bean paste and hot pepper paste in their dietary life, and regarded jang-making as one of their peculiar customs.

Today, jang is regarded as a worldwide longevity food and health-promoting food for its unique savoury taste, nutritive value and pharmacological efficacy.

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