Tree of Great Economic Value

Sangwon poplar tree of good species is widely planted in the DPRK.

It grows very fast. After planting a branch, it grows over two metres in six months and the full-grown tree is about 25 metres high.

The tree is used as timber and a raw material for making pulp. It is also good for air purification as it has a high absorbency of air-polluting gas and dust.

It is possible to minimize damage from disastrous weather for its high water-storage ability and windbreak effect. Its calorific value is higher than brown coal.

A farm in Jungsan County, South Phyongan Province located in the coastal area minimized the damage from typhoon last year by creating windbreak forests with the trees.

According to a person concerned with the General Bureau of Forestry under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, the areas for planting the poplar tree were chosen across the country and the annual tree-planting plans were reflected in the long-term afforestation plan.

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