Kanggye Winery

The Kanggye Winery, which started its work by processing wild fruits sixty-odd years ago, is now known across the country for its wine products.

It turns out red and white wines, Inphung Liquor (brandy) and other fruit wines. 

The wine research institute under the winery conducts its researches into grape cultivation and wine aging, so as to retain the unique flavour of the wines which are made from grapes cultivated under the warm sunlight and in the fresh air of the Korean inland region and well blended with distinctive aroma of oak containers.

Kanggye Wine produced at the winery is recognized as one of specialties of Kanggye for the favourable medicinal properties as well as unique flavour and aroma.

In order to preserve the features of the Kanggye Wine, the winery is directing great efforts to the production of superior grape species by improving their seeds and ensuring good cultivation, and has established scientific winemaking methods.

The vineyard of over 200 hectares is created in the suburbs of Kanggye City to cultivate not only aboriginal species of grape but also world-famous species and varieties.

The winery is stepping up the development of new wine products rich in local flavour.

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