His Pleasure

One day in November Juche 107 (2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un received a report that a fishery station made a good catch of fish.

Feasting his eyes on cascading fishes on the outdoor unloading ground, he said as follows: I don’t know how you feel at the sight of cascading sailfin sandfish as you see it almost every day, but I am very happy at such a scene.

He was so satisfied that he had a souvenir picture taken together with the fishermen who have just come back with a big fish haul.

Looking at the cheering crowd of other fishermen, employees and their family members, he said they must feel regretful as he posed for a picture only with the fishermen of Hwanggumhae-014. Then, he called all of them to have a picture taken with them.

He continued that it was his pleasure to have a smell of fish in the sea and a smell of wild vegetables and fruits in the mountain.

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