With Fraternal Affection

Stories about the beautiful moral traits of the Korean people who help and lead one another forward are being reported day by day in the country.

My relatives

On June 10, some workers, who were seriously burned due to an accident, were carried to the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital.

They were already caught in the jaws of death.

The patients, who got second- and third-degree burns on 70 percent of their body, showed unexpected abnormal symptoms and inconsistent results of medical examination, driving even competent medical workers into a state of confusion.

However, the medical workers buckled down to treating the patients with confidence. The treatment continued round the clock.

Everyone spared nothing for the patients.

Even nurses, who got their job at the hospital only one week ago, volunteered themselves for skin grafting.

A nurse recollected those days as follows:

Frankly speaking, my heart palpitated when I lay on the bed. But I began to feel happy when I thought they were my own relatives. Now I have a mark which all our doctors have on their body.

Thanks to their devotion, the patients recovered their health and returned to their factory.

“Can’t I take an examination?”

On June 11, a student was admitted to the Kim Man Yu Hospital.

He was Hwang Kwang Il living in Sokho-ri, Kangnam County, who was an applicant for admission to Kim Chol Ju University of Education.

He was diagnosed with the appendix perforative peritonitis, which required prompt surgical operation.

“Doctor, can’t I now take an examination?”

His question weighed upon doctors’ minds.

They held a consultation without delay. They focused on how to ensure his taking an examination while performing the operation successfully.

Good ideas of surgical operation were presented.

That day, the President of Kim Chol Ju University of Education visited the hospital to encourage Kwang Il, giving him an admission ticket for examination.

Next afternoon, the operation was conducted successfully. As his conditions improved soon after the operation, he was able to take the examination which started a few days later.

The hospital made a medical worker take care of him during a six-day-long examination.

On June 27, Kwang Il received the news in the hospital that he had passed the examination.

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