Samjiyon, City in Northern Part of Korea

A new day dawns in the city of Samjiyon in Ryanggang Province at the foot of Mt Paektu (2 750m), the highest mountain in Korea.

The Pegaebong observation platform in the western part of the city commands a panoramic view of the city which was reconstructed two years ago as a model of mountain city epitomizing modern civilization.

Over 4 000 low- and-storeyed dwelling houses and 380 odd public and industrial buildings were newly constructed, replacing old ones in the former county town area. The Samjiyon county was then promoted to the city. 

The city of Samjiyon offers a fine scenery well blended with the far-stretching sea of trees at the background.

It is difficult to find similar apartments around the city: Kwangmyongsong-dong on Milyong Street is characterized by low-storeyed dwelling houses rich in national identity, while Pegaebong-dong on Rimyongsu Street by modern multi-storeyed apartments. Also distinctive are those at Ponnamu-dong on Chongbong Street.

Public and industrial buildings, such as factories and industrial establishments divided into production and public service sections, schools, hospital, library, hall of culture, gym, hotels and restaurants, add more freshness and charm to the lush, verdant city thick with white birch, Picea koraiensis and other trees lining the streets.

And happy laughter and merry singing of the citizens, and youth and students ring out louder across the city.

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