Origin of Jelly

Among the traditional foods of the Korean nation was a sweet food of the same shape as the present-day fruit jelly. It was called kwaphyon.

It was made as follows: Boil fruits with sour taste such as cherry, apricot and quince and strain them through a sieve. Mix them with glucose syrup or honey and boil them down into jam. After hardening the jam, cut it into square pieces. In case of a fruit whose jam does not harden easily, it was mixed with starch.

Kyuhapchongso, edited in 1815, recorded the method of making cherry jelly, the most popular jelly in those days. Boil ripe cherries, strain them through a sieve, mix them with mung bean starch and boil them down again with honey or glucose syrup. After cooling them, cut them into pieces.

Besides, there were apricot jelly, Schizandra chinensis jelly, etc.

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