Traditional Drink Hyangsolgo

Hyangsolgo, which was called paesuk or risuk, is pear punch.

From of old the Korean people loved to make and drink the refreshing and aromatic punch regardless of seasons.

Records of the drink can be found in Kyuhapchongso, Siuibang, Puinphilji and other documents from the feudal Joson dynasty (1392–1910).

Kyuhapchongso (1815) reads as follows:

Hyangsolgo is made by boiling peeled pear slices with ginger in honeyed water, a pepper corn set in each of the slices. And then juice from the fruit of Schizandra chinensis, cinnamon powder and pine nuts are put into the drink before serving.

Peeled sour and hard gourd-shaped wild pears are used in preparing the drink.

Only sour pears make the colour of the drink red, and in case of less sour pears, a little amount of juice from the fruit of Schizandra chinensis can be put in the drink.

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