Japan’s Dangerous Moves for Overseas Expansion

Japan is speeding up its militarization.

Recently, the Japanese government allocated 5 479 700 million ¥ for “defense budget” for the year 2022, the highest-ever in history, and decided to expend from the budget 6.7 billion ¥ for remodelling the escort ships Izumo and Kaga of the maritime “Self-Defence Force” into aircraft carrier grade ships for loading F-35B.

Japan plans to carry out the ship-borne test flight of F-35B after finishing the first remodelling of Izumo within this year, while working hard to develop an ultra-hypersonic missile targeting neighbouring countries.

This is part of the dangerous arms buildup to realize the wild ambition for reinvasion by turning the SDF into an offensive force that has discarded the cloak of “exclusive defence”.

Japan inflicted tremendous war damage on humankind in the last century, and that is why it was denied the right to engage in a battle or war and the right to possess combat force under international and domestic laws.

Nevertheless, it has secretly built up military power for overseas aggression bit by bit, touting “exclusive defence” outwardly and avoiding the eyes of the international community inwardly.

The operational scope of the SDF with the world-level offensive capabilities has reached even space beyond the boundary of the archipelago, and its war equipment and capability for fighting an actual war are now capable of performing a war anytime and anywhere.

Japan is being hell-bent on possessing aircraft carrier and developing ultra-hypersonic missile, long-range attack means which are banned by its constitution. This betrays the fact that Japan has come to an evermore undisguised and reckless stage in realizing its ambition for reinvasion.

The war criminal state obstinately insists that ships that are not carrying fighters all the time can’t be considered to be attack carriers. This is a shameful trick to cover up the unconstitutional and aggressive nature of its arms buildup.

Military experts, ever since the launch of Izumo, have commented that it is not an escort ship for carrying helicopters of defensive purpose but is a semi-carrier that is able to turn into a carrier with preemptive attack capability anytime as it has take-off and landing deck, hangar, aircraft elevator and all other conditions necessary for being an aircraft carrier.

Clear is the conclusion.

At present, Japan is considering having the descendants of militarist-minded samurais and the latest fighters aboard the aircraft carriers and going abroad to invade the continent. The beefing up of the SDF is little short of the preparations for reinvasion.

If the Japanese rulers persistently cling to their wild ambition for reinvasion and overseas expansion despite the rejection and warning by the international community, the future of Japan will end up in ruin for sure.


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