Ryoktaebyongyo is a 13-volume book that contains selected records of main wars and battles that took place from ancient times to the late 14th century.

The book was compiled by officials and scholars of feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910) including Jong Rin Ji (1396-1478) and Ri Sok Hyong (1415-1477).

Later, Song Sam Mun (1418-1456), Pak Paeng Nyon (1417-1456) and other scholars rewrote and completed it in 1452 and printed and published its copies in wood blocks in 1456.

The book records 23 wars that took place until then in Korea.

It contains data on the patriotic struggle of the Korean ancestors who bravely fought against foreign aggressors.

In particular, five records of battles in which they routed Japanese pirate raiders are precious ones that can’t be found even in Tonggukbyonggam published around 1450.

The book also describes the reason for the outbreak of each war, the starting, progress and results of battles and the critical reviews of the war.

It was compiled for the purpose of broadening the military and war knowledge of military officers who were responsible for ensuring feudal rule by arms, and was long used as a textbook for the officers and one of the subjects for military examination.

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