Pyongyang Fish Porridge

Fish porridge is prepared by boiling fresh fish, removing bones, putting rice in the fish soup and then boiling it. Another method is to pulverize dried fish and boil it with rice.

Grey mullet, goldfish and carp are mainly used in preparing the porridge, and Pyongyang fish porridge has been well known from olden times.

The porridge is prepared by boiling corbicula leana, grey mullet, carp, goldfish and catfish from the Taedong and Pothong rivers with chicken and rice.

As chicken is added to the porridge, it is highly nutritious and tastes unique.

The following tells how chicken came to be used in preparing Pyongyang fish porridge.

Pyongyangites long regarded it as a pastime to go to the Taedong River or the Pothong River and eat porridge cooked with fish they caught while swimming on the 15th of the month by the lunar calendar. One year those who went to the Taedong River were so engrossed in swimming that they failed to catch even a single fish. So, they prepared porridge with chicken they had brought with them, and called it fish porridge. Since then, it is said that porridge boiled with chicken has also been called Pyongyang fish porridge.

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