Traditional Broth Thang

It can be known through the national classic Samguksagi (Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms) that thang is a traditional Korean broth.

The broth was prepared mainly by three methods: first, preparing the dish with one material to enhance its taste; second, preparing it by boiling different foodstuffs together to combine their tastes harmoniously; last, preparing it by cooking different materials separately and boiling them together to make each of the materials retain its own taste.

Recorded in national classics such as Umsikjimibang, Jubangmun, Siuibang, Jongniuigwe and Jinchanuigwe are dozens of broths prepared with various seafood, and the meat of various animals and birds and their intestinal organs and limbs.

Among them, sinsollo is known worldwide as a masterpiece of Korean dishes for its elegance and rare taste.

Thang is still handed down in the dietary life of the Korean people.

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