Rice Bowl Culture of Korea

Rice is a staple food of the Korean people.

They regarded rice as everyday and primary food. This gave rise to the custom of valuing and keeping rice bowls well.

Every family member had his or her own rice bowl, soup bowl, spoon and chopsticks.

A rice bowl was not only a must for celebrating a child’s first birthday but also an essential article of a bride’s wedding gifts.

The bride prepared a set of tableware for herself and her husband. Some articles of the set could be omitted according to circumstances, but rice bowls, soup bowls, spoons and chopsticks were indispensable.

Such tableware the bride prepared at the time of wedding was kept under good care even after her children grew up. This custom is still inherited.

The Korean women fixed rice bowls for each of their family members, and cleaned and put them on a shelf before using them again.

When they saw neat rows of bowls, plates and glasses on the shelf of a family’s kitchen, people would praise the hostess, saying the family would become prosperous.

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