Different Kinds of Knitwear Produced

The Kangso Knitwear Factory is actively pushing the efforts to recycle used materials and increase the quality of products.

Recently, it has rationally streamlined the production equipment and lines to suit the actual condition. Thus, the production is now on a more sci-tech footing.

Thanks to a vigorous mass-based technical innovation drive, eye-broken needles which used to be discarded in the past are recycled for use and a new line has been laid to make effective use of the dyeing waste in production.

Meanwhile, several technical indices have improved radically, and the forms, colours and patterns of knitwear undergone considerable changes—all this is conducive to bettering the qualities of products.

The factory’s products including underwear and sportswear which are of various forms and colours are popular with the consumers as they are not only highly absorbent and light but also quite elastic and skin-friendly.

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