The name of Sollongthang, a sort of soup, is derived from the fact that the soup is boiled for a long time.

The soup is boiled with the internal organs, head, hooves, tail and backbone of a cow until it becomes milk-white. It is a traditional food of the Korean people.

Sollongthang differs from other soup boiled only with beef or cow bones. It is boiled with the internal organs of a cow as well, adding to the taste of the soup.

Unlike other foods, sollongthang is not seasoned with salt. The boiled internal organs and head flesh of the animal are sliced to be put in the soup, and it is seasoned with cayenne pepper, black pepper powder, salt and Welsh onion to be eaten with rice.

The soup contains various nutritive substances reasonably, and digests well. Thus, it is recognized as a food good for health and longevity and became a popular food.

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