Distinguished Ideo-theoretician

Chairman Kim Jong Il provided perfect answers for all the problems that arose in the revolution and construction by dint of his energetic ideological and theoretical activities throughout his revolutionary career.

He developed and enriched President Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideas into new ideological and theoretical assets.

The Leader of the Working Class Plays the Decisive Role in the Revolutionary Struggle and in many other works, he made it clear that the leader is the brain of the revolution and the highest representative of the interests of the party and the masses and plays a decisive role in the revolutionary struggle, thereby presenting a scientific and unique idea of the revolutionary outlook on the leader.

He formulated the President’s revolutionary ideology as Kimilsungism, presented modelling the whole society on Kimilsungism as the highest programme of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and steadily enriched it with new principles and contents and developed them in a comprehensive way.

In March Juche 71 (1982) he made public the immortal classic work On the Juche Idea.

In this work he formulated the President’s revolutionary ideas as an integral system of the idea, theory and method of Juche. He also proved that the Juche idea raised the fundamental question of philosophy by regarding man as the main factor, and elucidated the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything, the principle of social history that the motive force of history is the masses of the people, that human history is the history of their struggle for independence, that the socio-historical movement is their creative movement, and that their consciousness of independence plays the decisive role in the revolutionary struggle, the guiding principles of the revolution and construction, etc.

The work caused a great sensation at home and abroad as soon as it was published. An adherent of the Juche idea in Latin America said as follows: The Juche idea is a man-centred outlook on the world. Regarding man as the starting-point of all thinking and actions–this is a new method of consideration which brought about a fundamental innovation in philosophical thinking of mankind. Engels had said that with the appearance of Marx, man became taller as high as his head. Man has become a giant thanks to the Juche idea which puts him forward as a starting point.

Prominent figures and progressive peoples of the world highly praised the work; “A new version of The Communist Manifesto in the 80s of the 20th century,” “A basic teaching material of philosophy for realizing the independence of the masses of the people,” and “The first philosophy textbook which provided a clear answer to the problem of human emancipation for the first time”.

Over ten million copies of publications in more than 90 countries carried the work in less than a year after its publication, and 144 countries brought out its translated versions in the booklet form.

Kim Jong Il conducted energetic ideological and theoretical activities to defend and dynamically advance the socialist cause.

In the days when the imperialists and reactionaries were fussing about the “end” of socialism, he published an immortal classic work Socialism Is a Science, where he declared that although socialism was temporarily experiencing a heartrending setback because of opportunism, it would without fail be revived and win ultimate victory for its scientific accuracy and truth.

Besides, he made public a large number of works which give the most correct and principled answers to the ideological and practical issues in all realms and fields of the revolution and construction, including the strategic and tactical principles in socialist construction, building of party, state and working people’s organizations, revolutionary armed forces, the economy and culture. As a result, the Korean people could victoriously advance the socialist cause.

Kim Jong Il’s immortal classic works, for their attraction and viability, serve as the priceless ideo-theoretical assets and guiding principles for the revolution and construction in the struggle of the Korean people to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche.

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