Dancing Party of Officials and Members of Women’s Union Celebrates Founding Anniversary of DPRK

A dancing party of officials and members of the women’s union was held at the plaza of the Arch of Triumph on September 9, the 73rd founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The dancing party started amid the playing of “Song of the Proclamation of People’s Republic”.

The participants represented their boundless reverence for the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who built the country into the invincible and socialist country, independent, self-supporting and self-reliant, and demonstrated its might all over the world. 

Delightful music added to the atmosphere of celebrating the significant September holiday.

The dancing party fully represented the steadfast will and revolutionary enthusiasm of women to remain faithful to the idea and leadership of the General Secretary for building a powerful country. It ended with the playing of the song “Glory to General Kim Jong Un”.

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