Origin of Pibimguksu

Pibimguksu, a kind of noodle hash, is a food the Korean people have long enjoyed eating.

Tongguksesigi published in 1819 reads in part, “Mixture of vegetables, chestnut, beef, pork, sesame oil and soy sauce is called koltongmyon.” Siuibang reads in part, “Minced beef is spiced and fried. Mung-bean sprouts and dropwort are parboiled before being mixed with noodles. These noodles are put in a bowl and fried meat, chili powder and sesame mixed with salt are put over them.”

This shows how pibimguksu was prepared by using different garnishes.

According to garnishes, there are noodles with meat, noodles with soybean paste, noodles with vegetables and noodles with raw fish.

Especially, the noodles with raw fish are sapid and digest well as sliced raw fish is put on the noodles, unlike other types of noodle hash whose garnishes are fried or seasoned before being put on the noodles.

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