Treasured Sword for Independent Development and Prosperity

A treasured sword for independent development and prosperity which the Korean people have held fast to in socialist construction is self-reliance.

Self-reliance has always been a banner of struggle and driving force for a leap forward in the whole course of the Korean revolution.

Self-reliance has assured independent development in socialist construction in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The way for independent development of the country and the nation while smashing all challenges and obstructive moves by the reactionary forces without depending on others, maintaining the principle of independence, was to give full play to the mental strength of self-reliance with a high sense of national pride.

The Korean people have absolutely supported and implemented at the risk of their lives the strategic ideas and decisions of the Workers’ Party of Korea for defending the independent dignity of the state at any cost, and reliably safeguarded their independent dignity by giving free rein to the mental strength of national self-dependence and the fighting spirit of self-reliance in this struggle.

Self-reliance has assured prosperity in socialist construction in the DPRK.

Prosperity and self-reliance are inseparably linked with each other. Whereas prosperity means national prosperity and development and people’s happiness, self-reliance is a fundamental guarantee for their accomplishment. Only when the country relies upon the strength of its own people and their indomitable revolutionary spirit, can it become prosperous and its people lead a happy life.

Self-reliance embodied in all sectors of socialist construction by the Workers’ Party of Korea is not a temporary countermeasure adopted to tide over the immediate economic difficulties but a nationwide, planned and scientific self-reliance for promoting economic construction and raising the overall spheres of the country to the world level by its own efforts.

The idea of self-reliance is ennobling in that it makes it possible to bring about remarkable achievements in socialist construction as a whole by enlisting every possible strength and wisdom of all the Korean people. It is easier said than done for them to make a radical improvement in all fields of the revolution and construction at an earlier date. However, it is not a thing of the distant future for them as they have held aloft the banner of self-reliance.

The validity and vitality of the WPK’s strategy of self-reliance is clearly manifested in practice. Today, the flames of a dynamic campaign for increased production to attain the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development are being flared up in all sites of socialist construction, vigorous efforts are being made to give the fullest play to the advantages of the Korean-style socialist system in the fields of education and public healthcare, and a great heyday of construction is being ushered in in the country.

The WPK has clarified that the guarantee of victory in the current general onward march is in giving full play to the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude without letup, and is taking the lead in the struggle for its embodiment.

The Korean people might face constant obstacles and challenges in their progress in the future, too, but no one can change their determination and will and stop their vigorous advance as they advance upholding the banner of self-reliance under the leadership of the WPK, and they will successfully achieve their beautiful ideals and goals without fail.

Kim Ryu Chol, researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences

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