The Most Valuable Asset

One day in September Juche 104 (2015), Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, inspected the rehabilitation site of a disaster-stricken area in Rason City.

At that time, he heard a report from an accompanying official that some residents in the area, who were told that the People’s Army would build new houses for flood victims, demolished their houses by themselves though theirs could surely come into use, if repaired a little.

After carefully listening to it, he said that they might probably not have pulled down their houses if they had not put their trust in the Party. And he continued that the people’s trust in the Party is the most valuable asset for us.

Going round several places in the dusty construction site, he told officials to partition the district of dwelling houses and build roads between them for the people’s convenience in their living. He also instructed them to build a school, kindergarten, nursery, clinic and other public establishments as the second-stage project.

The rehabilitation campaign came to a close successfully in a short span of time in October, and the flood victims in Rason City moved into new houses.

In his speech delivered at the military parade held in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the WPK in October 2020, Kim Jong Un said:

Even though more suffering may lie ahead, our people’s trust in me and our Party remains absolute and steadfast. Their ardent, sincere trust and encouragement are my most valuable asset, which cannot be bartered for fame or millions of tons of gold; they are also a source of inexhaustible strength which motivates me to have no fear and recognize no impossibility.

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