September and Folk Customs

In Korea, September is a season when all kinds of crops and fruits get ripen and the abundant autumn starts.

In this season there are two of 24 seasonal divisions of the year: Paengno and Chubun.

Paengno means that it begins to show a sign of autumn with the falling of white dew. It falls on September 7 this year. 

Chubun, which means the complete end of summer and the beginning of autumn, falls on September 23 this year.

After Chubun, the night gradually grows longer than the day.

In this period, farmers start to harvest rice in paddy fields and beans, millet, sorghum and other crops in dry fields.

They also prepare year-old wild vegetables for the coming winter.

Ssirum (Korean wrestling), a tug-of-war and other folk games are played in this season.

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