Healthy Air, Healthy Planet

At present, air pollution is becoming aggravated in many countries and regions across the world, causing grave concern.

Last year, according to Greenpeace, fine dust (PM2.5) claimed a total of 3 million lives, ozone, one million lives and nitrogen dioxide, 500 000 lives every year, with four million people suffering from asthma.

Some air pollutants have an impact on global warming, destroying ecological environment and entailing a colossal amount of economic loss.

Proceeding from this, the UN General Assembly in its 74th Session held in December 2019 decided to designate September 7 as the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies.

The theme of the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies for this year is Healthy Air, Healthy Planet.

The DPRK sets environmental protection as an important undertaking to promote people’s health and ensure their safety, and channels great efforts into realizing it.

This year alone, it is carrying on the work of amending and supplementing in a comprehensive way the Law on the Prevention of Air Pollution and other related laws, in keeping with the developing requirements of the times.

It is upgrading environment standards, strengthening the control over the sources of air pollutants and other pollutants, and makes sure that environmental impact is strictly estimated prior to development and construction.

It also organizes to the minutest detail the work of reducing urban pollution caused by exhaust fumes from automobiles, establishing a environment monitoring system and developing and introducing instruments for measuring air pollution.

Meanwhile, the country is giving wide publicity to common knowledge and information related to environmental protection through various kinds of publications in such a way as to make all the members of society take an active part in protecting ecological environment.

On the occasion of the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection of the DPRK conducts such various activities as organizing workshops of officials in the environment sector for updating and supervising environment standards, in conformity with the present conditions of epidemic prevention campaign, and preventing air pollution.

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