Carp Soup

The Korean people began to use carp widely in their dietary life during the period of Koguryo (277 B.C.-A.D. 668).

Carp was caught much in rivers, lakes and reservoirs since the 15th century, and those from the Taedong River and the Kum River in Chungchong Province were very famous.

The Korean people used carp to make various dishes, including soup, stew and thick broth.

Jungbosallimgyongje, a book edited in 1766, reads in part: Boil water and put carp in it. And boil it again with some soy sauce or liquor put in it.

Kyuhapchongso, a book compiled in 1815, reads in part: Peppered bean paste is used instead of soy sauce.

The milk-white carp soup tastes good and sweet, is quite nutritious and medicinal and digests well. So, it is still widely used as an invigorating food and energy booster for weakly people.

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