Responsible for Technical Development

Located on the outskirts of Pyongyang, the Ryugyong Mushroom Farm not only overfulfills its national economic plans every year, but ensures the expanded reproduction by recycling the waste substrates two or three times. It is also raising lots of domestic animals by making use of wastes.

It is constantly developing production on a scientific basis by preparing all its employees into intelligent workers.

The sci-tech learning space in the farm is provided with sufficient sci-tech materials of the relevant sectors and its workers frequent the place after work to learn the global trend and modern science and technology.

Besides, many of the workers are enrolled in Kim Chaek University of Technology and Pyongyang University of Agriculture online.

Thus, the workers are presenting new ideas of technical innovation plans and inventions.

Recently, they manufactured and installed a very profitable temperature and humidity sensor by themselves and put the waste substrate treatment process on a flow line. They chose rational species which can ensure the normalization of production without being affected by weather conditions. They also solved sci-tech problems arising in providing optimized conditions for culture and cultivation according to the kinds of mushrooms and their characteristics in each stage of growth.

Workers of the farm are responsible for its technical development for a continuous increase in mushroom production.

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