At an Angling Site at Mupho

In September Juche 60 (1971) Chairman Kim Jong Il, who was on his guidance trip to the revolutionary battle sites in the Mt Paektu area, took a rest at an angling site at Mupho at the Tuman riverside.

Officials were catching chars one after another in different places around the angling site.

As there was no sign in the place where the Chairman was fishing, an official tiptoed towards him. He was quite surprised when he noticed that Kim Jong Il was lost in deep thought with his fishing line drooping in the water, unaware that a fish had taken the bait.

After a while, Kim Jong Il became aware of his presence.

He said that he had been racking his brains to formulate the revolutionary ideology of President Kim Il Sung and, as he had thought deeply sitting on a side of the Tuman River permeated with the sacred footprints left by Kim Il Sung and the warm blood spilled by the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners with a fishing line in the water, an idea had flashed into his mind.

Then he continued: This river and the forest around here are associated with the history beset with harsh trials; no leader in the world has led the revolution and trod such a rugged path as our President has done; as a song sings, he is a legendary hero endowed with the spirit of Mt Paektu and the greatest of all the great men in modern history; his revolutionary ideas far excel the preceding ideas in their depth and breadth, and his revolutionary career is an immortal heroic epic to be etched in the hearts of mankind for all eternity.

He is greeting his 60th birth anniversary in the near future, and the Juche idea he authored is touching the heartstrings of billions of people across the world; however, we have so far failed to formulate this revolutionary ideology and clarify the position it occupies in the world history.

The revolutionary ideology of Kim Il Sung, the Juche idea, is a completely new and unique revolutionary ideology which can be associated only with his name; I am now conceiving a plan to formulate his revolutionary ideas, the Juche idea, as Kimilsungism.

At the Third Conference of Ideological Workers of the Workers’ Party of Korea on February 19, Juche 63 (1974), Kim Jong Il formulated Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideology as Kimilsungism.

Now, the Workers’ Party of Korea regards the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its sole guiding ideology and sets modelling the whole society on this idea as its ultimate programme.

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