Qualifications Improved

It is the unanimous will of the teachers of Kiyang Primary School in Kangso District, Nampho, to teach their pupils better and more kindly.

The school is actively conducting the work to improve the quality of primary school education, the first-stage school education.

To create a teaching example and generalize it serves as an important occasion for the teachers to improve their qualifications.

The school ensures that able teachers with rich experience give exemplary lessons and that inspection of class at work, discussions about teaching methods and meetings for swapping experience often take place in various forms and by various methods.

This enables the teachers to establish a natural rapport with primary schoolchildren and to give lessons in a way suited to their psychology, without boring them.

Various teaching aids invented by the teachers are conducive to raising the pupils’ thinking and cognitive faculties.

Lessons, which employ visual aids and games, are awaited by the pupils.

The school is striving in a planned way to find out pupils with extraordinary talents in the early stages and apply appropriate teaching methods.

In the course of this, the teachers and pupils of the school ranked high time and again at national software contests of the educational sector and national quiz contests of primary schoolchildren.

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