Basic Ideal of Non-Aligned Movement

September 1 is the Day of the Non-aligned Movement.

The Non-aligned Movement was initiated at the 1st Summit Conference of the Non-Aligned Countries held in Belgrade of the former Yugoslavia on September 1, 1961 with representatives from 25 countries in attendance.

It is a powerful anti-war, peace-loving force formed by reflecting the demands of the era of independence.

Its ideal is anti-imperialist independence, and its principle is to refrain from joining any bloc. To abolish domination and subjugation of all descriptions, fight against aggression and intervention, guarantee sovereignty of countries and nations and achieve sustainable socio-economic development–this is the noble mission the movement assumed from the outset.

It has steadily expanded its ranks over the past six decades, thus developing now into a powerful anti-imperialist independence and anti-war, peace-loving force embracing 120 countries.

In recent years, the aggression and war moves by the imperialist and dominationist forces have resulted in several countries and nations having their sovereignty violated and successive conflicts between nations and forces breaking out in different parts of the world.

In this situation, the 18th Summit Conference of the Non-Aligned Countries took place in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, in October 2019, and adopted the Baku Declaration and other documents.

The final document reflects the fact that the non-aligned countries should firmly unite to reject the imperialist reactionary forces’ high-handed, arbitrary and aggressive actions and their violations of other countries’ sovereignty and defend their sovereignty and right to existence and development in the present international situation, as well as their stand to further develop the movement into an anti-imperialist independence and anti-war, peace-loving force.

It also includes the proposals for boosting the movement, including the issues of championing the interests of member states of the movement in major international problems brought up to the UN for discussion and effectively coping with them for strengthening its position and influence and of further intensifying South-South cooperation.

It is the desire of mankind to strengthen the Non-aligned Movement, realize global independence and live in a peaceful world free from war.

The DPRK joined the movement on August 25, 1975. Since then, it has remained faithful to the movement’s basic ideal and principle and fulfilled its mission in the efforts for establishing fair international relations and achieving peace and security in the world.

It is making every possible endeavour to achieve the unity and cohesion of the movement and further develop it.

Choe Song Jun

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