University Students Achieve Great Successes

This year, over 1 000 university students won the Student’s Scientific Research Prize, and some of them won at the Codechef, an international internet programming contest, on several occasions.

Kim Il Sung University produced a large number of winners of Student’s Scientific Research Prize.

They achieved successes in solving urgent problems arising in several sectors of the national economy by becoming positive researchers, contributing to solving the theoretical problems arising in developing controlling technology in the field of automatic control.

Students of Kim Chaek University of Technology, in collaboration with the workers and technicians, completed the automatic control system necessary for cooling the generators at the Pyongyang Thermal Power Station, thus scientifically and technically guaranteeing the normal production of electricity and its safety.

Students of Pyongyang University of Architecture displayed their high abilities in the designing for important projects, including the renovation of the city of Samjiyon.

Students of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, Hamhung University of Pharmacology and Koryo Songgyungwan University succeeded in developing a program for assessing students’ efficiency, skin-disease treatment medicine relying on domestic raw materials, functional drinks, thereby rendering services to improving practical abilities of students and promoting people’s health.

Kim Hyong Jik University of Education, Pyongyang University of Transport and other universities also produced many above-said prize winners.

This year, students of Kim Il Sung University and University of Sciences won several times at the Codechef.

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