More Teachers Get Access to Online Education

Teachers at kindergartens are improving their abilities and qualifications through a realistic and vivid education provided by the Distance Education Faculty of Pyongyang Teachers Training College.

What is noteworthy in this education is that it raises the teachers’ practical abilities while guiding the course of their education and edification of kindergarteners on a real-time basis.

Through the Q&A service and supplementary lectures with the help of sounds and images, they resolve the problems they failed to understand while receiving guidance and other problems.

Mun Kyong Ran, teacher at Changgwang Kindergarten, has this to say: Many problems are raised while teaching children who have different dispositions and hobbies. It is very good to solve all of them in time through the online education system. In the future, I will make greater efforts to learn much and train children who are treasures of the country.

“The number of teachers enrolled at online education is on the annual increase,” says Mun Myong Song, dean of the faculty. 

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