Senior Party Officials Visit Lodging Quarters of Participants in Youth Day Celebrations

Senior Officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea visited the lodging quarters of the participants in the Youth Day celebrations on August 27.

Secretaries of the WPK Central Committee Ri Il Hwan, Jong Sang Hak and O Su Yong, department director of the WPK Central Committee Ri Tu Song and other leading officials of the WPK Central Committee encouraged the young people and the exemplary youth league officials who devote their wisdom and passion on all the fronts of building a thriving country.

They asked the participants to add lustre to their honour of being builders of socialism in the struggle to implement to the letter the decisions of the 8th Party Congress by steadily carrying on the baton of loyalty and patriotism left by the forerunners of the revolution, bearing deep in mind the noble intention of the Party Central Committee of attaching importance to young people and loving them.

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