On the Grassy Land

Lake Thaesong is some minutes’ drive from Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK, along the Youth Hero Motorway to Nampho, a city on the west coast of Korea.

Being the biggest lake in the area of Pyongyang and Nampho, Lake Thaesong is always filled with clear water thanks to the Kaechon-Lake Thaesong Waterway, a gravitational one for irrigation system.

By the lakeside Pyongyang Golf Course is laid out on nearly 200-hectare site, with 46 hectares of turf area and an 18-hole golf course stretching to 6 777 yards in total, the shortest being 130 yards and the longest 580 yards.

The course conforms to the international standards and accommodates 200 people a day.

There are several service facilities for professional and amateur golfers, boating ground, angling site, and lodging quarters for families and individuals. Two years ago a service complex furnished with a wading pool, billiard room, fitness room and restaurants was newly established.

A good harmony of a hillock thick with pine trees, a lake of limpid water and a green field sets off the scenery of the locality in fresh air.

Pyongyang Golf Course is attracting not only golf fans but also many tourists to its wonderful recreational facilities as well as refreshing environment. 

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