Construction Leftovers Are Used as Raw Materials

Phyongchon District in Pyongyang is producing building parts in great demand by making effective use of construction leftovers.

Not a few amount of waste block and glass and concrete waste come from building operations.

According to information available, the construction leftovers account for 40% of total amounts of waste produced by human activity.

The district is producing paving block, slate roof and artificial stone board with such leftovers.

The paving block is strong and durable.

It takes 30% less cement than before in making it. And it has great economic value as the leftovers from construction are used as raw materials instead of pebbles and sand which have been used as the basic materials.

The product was introduced in several places of Pyongyang, including Changjon, Mansudae, Mirae Scientists and Ryomyong streets, rendering services to facelifting the appearance of the capital city. 

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