Youth and Students Hold Dancing Parties

Youth and students in the DPRK held dancing parties in different parts of the country on August 25, the 61st anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s first field guidance to the revolutionary armed forces.

The dancing-party venues in the capital city, including the plazas in front of the April 25 House of Culture and the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, were full of joy and optimism of youth and students celebrating the significant day.

The dancing parties began with the song “Fortune of Korea”.

Looking back with deep emotion upon the noble career of the Chairman, the participants danced to the tune of songs, including “Our General Is the Best”.

When “Cheers of the People” and other songs were played, the venues were full of reverence for the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Songs “Let’s Defend Socialism” and “Let Us Meet at the Front” showing the spirit of patriotic youth to firmly defend and glorify the Korean-style socialism revved up the atmosphere of the dancing parties.

That day, similar dancing parties took place in provincial seats, cities and counties. 

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