Superior Species of Chestnut Trees Are Propagated

Chestnut tree is a deciduous tall tree which has long been cultivated in Korea.

The Institute of Forests of Economic Value under the Academy of Forestry is promoting the research into breeding and propagating good species of chestnut trees as suited to the soil conditions of relevant regions.

“It is very important to establish a proper system of cultivating pedigree strains of chestnut trees in preventing their degeneration and actively introducing new, superior species,” said Jon Yong Il, section chief of the institute.

The institute has recently developed and introduced new methods of producing germinal grafted seedlings and grafting the upper branches, and thus laid a solid foundation for markedly increasing the quantity of sapling production, survival rate of grafted seedlings and fruit yield as against the previous period.

It cultivated such superior species as Unjon Chestnut, Unjon Chestnut-1, early-ripening Paechon Chestnut, early-ripening Pukchang Chestnut and Ryongbong Chestnut, and produced such valuable research findings as selection of right soils for their growth and cultivation method, and widely applied them to different regions of the country. 

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