Pyongyangites Enjoy Drinking Unjong Tea

Unjong tea trees are under cultivation at a tea plantation in Kangnyong County, South Hwanghae Province, located in the southwestern part of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Green tea, black tea and Cholgwanum tea are made by processing tea leaves from the plantation.

There are Unjong tea houses in various places of Pyongyang, where citizens enjoy drinking the tea.

One of them is found in Changjon Street in the central part of the capital city.

It has a lot of patrons.

Ri Jong Gil, 64, resident in Phyongchon District, says, “I am desperate to be here in this tea house. The tea feels more refreshing and enjoyable in the tea house than it is at home.”

He explains that Unjong tea is the most helpful in promoting metabolism in the body, relieving fatigue and increasing the organic activities. So, it is the best of all kinds of tea.

Kim Yong Gum, waitress of this tea house, says, “Different people have different tastes, and yet most of them want green tea. Probably it is because it has an elegant taste and a good content of highly nutritious elements, including essential amino acids and microelements. You know, black tea is good for improving blood circulation and preventing obesity. Cholgwanum tea, a semi-fermented tea, is also one of the popular teas.”

Kim Mi Yong, head of the house, says, “Tea would be good both in colour and taste only when you make it by scientifically calculating the amounts of tea leaves and water, temperature and infusing time. We have a know-how, and this may be the reason why we have a lot of patrons here.”

Various kinds of Unjong teas are also on sale in the Unjong Tea House.

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