Glazed Earthenware of Hoeryong

White clay of Hoeryong has long been used in making ceramics, particularly for the manufacture of white porcelain of the feudal Joson dynasty.

Glazed earthenware of Hoeryong became widely known since the days of the feudal Joson dynasty for their excellent merits in usage and artistic technology.

Ordinary glazed earthenware is usually brown in colour tinged with yellow, red, blue or black tints, but the glazed earthenware of Hoeryong is white.

Glazed earthenware of Hoeryong is widely used for preserving food and drinks fresh.

White clay and glazed earthenware of Hoeryong were favourite articles widely exported across the Tuman River to northeast China.

Glazed earthenware produced at Hoeryong was used at royal palaces, and it was regarded as indispensable articles for marriage in not only Hamgyong Province but also other parts of Korea.

A glazed earthenware factory in Hoeryong turns out a variety of products by introducing modern science and technology into traditional porcelain-making. Therefore, the factory’s glazed earthenware enjoys an increasing demand from all across the country. 

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