White Apricot of Hoeryong

Hoeryong, a city in North Hamgyong Province situated in the northernmost part of Korea, has been famous for its beautiful scenery and as a good place to live in. Before anything else, its three specialties were widely known at home and even to neighbouring countries.

White apricot and white clay are among the three specialties of Hoeryong.

Hoeryong white apricot is a cold-resistant species. Its trunk is reddish brown with dark grey tint, old branches are glossy, deep maroon with yellowish specks, and new branches are yellowish purple. 

White flowers bloom in late April, and fruits are borne in early and mid-July.

Each fruit weighs about 60g and is white-yellow in the peel and light red on the surface exposed to sunlight. The flesh is light yellow, juicy and sweet and has less acid. The kernel is large, flat and round, and has medicinal properties.

White apricot of Hoeryong accounts for 90 per cent of the city’s fruit production.

Apricot trees are planted in orchards of several hundred hectares laid out along hills and valleys, and they are tended and manured in a scientific way. Old trees are replaced by young ones on a regular basis.

The trees are also planted in streets, around villages and at the roadside, which offers a picturesque scenery of blossoming white flowers in spring and a rich harvest in summer.

The fruits are processed into nutritious sweet foods and used to flavour drinks and liquors and make medicines.

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