“Pedigree Farm” for Training Teachers

Pyongyang Teachers Training College was established in September 1968, with some 20 lecturers, and it has now become widely known across the country as a base for training teachers with more than a hundred lecturers and whose education has been put on a scientific, IT and modern footing. Three years ago it was rebuilt in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang.

At present the college’s leading lecturers are graduates from Kim Il Sung University, Kim Hyong Jik University of Education and other universities and in their 30s.

After two or three years’ study the students, mostly girls, are qualified to teach at kindergartens and primary schools respectively. Excellent students attend a postgraduate course to obtain professional qualifications.

It is a weighty and responsible undertaking to teach kindergarten and primary school pupils. Therefore, developing capabilities of the teachers in the sector of primary education is very important, which is directly related with the future of not only the rising generations but also the state. 

Therefore, the college is paying close attention to raising the standards of education while steadily upgrading the teaching contents and methods in keeping with the world trend of the educational development and pedagogical requirements.

Based on the practical and subdivided content of education, six courses and over 50 subjects are newly instituted, and more than 30 teaching methods are introduced.

In consideration of students lacking experience in dealing with children, the college has increased the proportion of education in the direction of improving their applicability.

The multifunctional classrooms furnished for teaching in virtual and practical situations as well as numerous teaching-aid programs developed by researchers of the college are greatly conducive to improving the educational standards and developing students’ academic qualifications.

Reference books for primary pupils and other books for developing children’s intellectual faculties compiled by the college lecturers and researchers are well commented by children and their parents.

The college plays a key role in academic study and dissemination in the field of primary education, and its novel and efficient teaching methods are promptly introduced into similar institutions all across the country.

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