Japan’s Attempt at Repeating Its Criminal History

111 years ago, Japan fabricated and promulgated a brigandish “annexation of Korea by Japan” in a bid to swallow up Korea.

In 1905, the Japanese imperialists militarily occupied Korea by forcibly concluding the “Ulsa Five-Point Treaty”. With a view to justifying their military occupation, they threatened and blackmailed Korean ministers to conclude a “treaty of annexation of Korea by Japan”, which consisted of eight provisions, by committing thousands of troops to Kyongsong on August 22, 1910.

The treaty stipulated that the sovereign power of the Korean Emperor shall be passed to the Japanese Emperor forever and that Korea shall be annexed to Japan, thereby completely eliminating the feudal Joson dynasty which had existed for form’s sake.

Frightened by the vigorous struggle of the Korean people against them, the Japanese imperialists could not make public the “treaty” and, on August 29, announced it as an “imperial ordinance”.

After fabricating the treaty, they further intensified their brutal colonial rule over Korea.

During over 40-year-long fascist colonial rule, they inflicted terrible disasters and tragedies upon the Korean people, which still remain indelible in the minds of them.

They took away over 8.4 million young and middle-aged Koreans to force them to do slave labour and serve as their bullet-shields and slaughtered more than 1 million in a cold-blooded way. They also forcibly drafted and kidnapped as many as 200 000 Korean women to the battlefields to serve as their sexual slaves, plundered Korea of its precious historical cultural assets and natural resources and trampled down its peculiar culture and tradition.

They prohibited the Koreans from using their language, spoken and written, and even attempted to deprive them of their names.

Today, the Korean people are boiling their blood with a resolve to take revenge upon Japan for its trembling atrocities.

Over one century has passed since the fabrication of the “treaty”, but Japan has never apologized for its shuddering crimes but is behaving more haughtily, waiting for a chance for reinvasion.

It has gone beyond the red line in its militaristic ambition.

It has built up its military edge ambitiously with a view to revenging its past defeat and is now hell-bent on revising the current constitution in a bid to start overseas invasion.

In April, the Japanese Prime Minister and some other government officials offered a tribute to the Yasukuni Shrine on the occasion of the spring ancestral rite day, and former Prime Minister Abe personally visited it.

Entombed in the Yasukuni Shrine are A-class war criminals who imposed innumerable misfortunes and pains on the Korean people and other Asian people. Therefore, the visit to it is, in essence, nothing but an attempt to repeat its criminal history when it ruled over the Asian continent at the point of bayonet in the past century.

In actuality, Japan is busy with the development and deployment of new military hardware, while accelerating the moves to become a military giant and turning “Self-Defence Forces” into an offensive force.

According to a Japanese newspaper, it is planning to develop a guided missile with a striking range of about 2 000 km and, at the same time, increase the striking range of surface-to-warship guided missile possessed by the “SDF” up to that of 1 500 km by making a huge investment and, if this comes true, it is capable of striking China.

Against the background, some Japanese politicians are now openly asserting that the theory of exclusive defence is out-of-date and it is necessary to possess the ability for attacking an enemy base.

Such frantic military moves and continuous reckless remarks prove the seriousness of the situation.

Sincere atonement for the past crimes is not a technical issue but an important political and legal issue for maintaining the main principles and system of international laws and consolidating global peace and safety.

Japan must abandon its attempt at repeating its crime-woven history, and sincerely admit and apologize for it.

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