To Increase Proportion of Domestic Production

The Ministry of Light Industry makes efforts to increase the proportion of production relying on locally-available raw and other materials.

Based on the past achievements and experience, it conducts the work to turn the existing production lines into those relying on domestic raw and other materials in a far-sighted way, while increasing the proportion of relying on locally-available raw and other materials.

The Footwear Industry Management Bureau produced acetone, glaze, plasticizer and others with domestic raw materials, and the Knitting Industry Management Bureau makes sure that photoresistor, fixer and others developed by itself are introduced into factories.

The Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill and others built a process of producing auxiliary chemical reagents to make neutral soup, water softener, emollient, eletrolytic nickel, etc. for the production.

Such local industry factories as the Samjiyon Bog Bilberry Beverage Factory and the Haeju Leather Shoes Factory updated their production lines rationally in reliance on their own technical forces and are vigorously promoting the work to secure locally-available raw and other materials.

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