A Mushroom Village

A village in Ryuso-ri, Rangnang District, Pyongyang, is renowned for cultivation of mushrooms.

Every household in the village, which consists of hundreds of dwelling houses, grows mushrooms and regards it as something to boast. So, it is called a mushroom village.

The locals started to grow mushrooms over 10 years ago.

The villagers had thought that mushrooms could be grown only at a factory. It was farmer Choe Jong Hui that aroused the interest of her villagers in growing mushrooms.

One day, she saw a heap of corncobs in the threshing ground of the farm and began to think how to make effective use of them.

She happened to learn about the method of growing mushroom through TV and radio. She made a resolve to cultivate mushroom and told her idea to the villagers.

Many of them shook their heads, saying how could they grow mushroom as they were busy with farming, but she buckled down to translating her idea into practice.

It was not plain sailing. After hard work, she succeeded. The villagers began to visit her to learn after her good experience. Today, all of them have become mushroom experts.

According to them, one household produces 300 to 400kg on average a year.

Some of mushrooms are sent to the nursery and kindergarten and some are used in their dietary life.

Every household renders service to its visitor with dishes prepared with its home-grown mushrooms. It has become a custom of this village.

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