Fishing Vessel Young Heroine, Daughter of the Workers’ Party of Korea

One June day in Juche 48 (1959), President Kim Il Sung presided over a Meeting of Active Party Members in the Fishery Sector of Kangwon Province. In his speech delivered at the meeting he said: The sea is, indeed, a workplace for young people who are highly enterprising and burning with passion. What a worthwhile thing it is for young people in full vigour to plough through the waves to head for the open sea and exploit its inexhaustible resources for the prosperity of their socialist country!

Greatly inspired by his instruction, more than 20 000 young people volunteered to work in the fishing sector in a matter of five months. Among them was Kim Pyong Suk and other girls who volunteered for the Nampho Fishery Station.

A fishing vessel The Nyosong (woman in Korean), the crew members of which were formed with girls aged 17 or 18, set out on the maiden voyage in the summer of 1960.

It was not that easy for them to do that kind of work, a challenging task even for men. However, they sailed out fishing almost every day in midsummer, a fishermen’s leisure season, and conducted various fishing work, creating new fishing methods.

At last, they turned the fishermen’s leisure season between July and August, in which a fisherman allegedly fails to catch even a fish for his side-dish materials, into a season of big catch, and carried out their yearly plan by October 1960.

In February Juche 51 (1962), Kim Il Sung attended the National Meeting of Activists in the Fishing Industry. Highly appreciating Kim Pyong Suk, captain of The Nyosong, and her crew, he said they were the true daughters of the Party and the heroines of our times and that their vessel would be renamed Young Heroine, Daughter of the Workers’ Party of Korea from now on. 

Time has passed and there have been many changes from one generation to the next. Still today, the vessel continues to give a whistle for sailing, conveying the feats performed by the young people of the preceding generation.

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