Gold Ion Active Water Draws Public Attention

The Phyongchon Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory developed gold ion active water (undiluted solution), a functional health-promoting water.

Produced by applying a cutting-edge technology, the water is a monomolecular solution involving gold ion, combined amino acids, various mineral matters and vitamins.

The gold ion with strong therapeutic activity contained in its diluted water is to be absorbed into the blood to stabilize cell membranes and remove harmful materials from the body.

It also purifies blood, maintains elasticity of skin and decreases the permeability of blood vessels.

In particular, it stabilizes blood pressure by improving its control ability and has a special virtue for curing diseases of the digestive and urinary systems and various skin diseases, including burn, pimple and eczema, for its strong sterilization.

It is faster in recovery if a patient sprays or applies the solution to the parts of lesion while drinking 1ml of solution diluted in 1ℓ of water.

It is said that habitual drinking of this water is good for health. 5 000ml of water is bottled in a plastic container.

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