An Educator’s Goal

Among teachers who devote themselves to the education of the rising generations is Pak Chung Bok of Pyongyang College of Technology.

With a dream of becoming an inventor

Fifteen years ago, Pak Chung Bok entered Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry and studied hard with an enterprising spirit of inquiry and burning enthusiasm. 

Her persevering character and disposition enabled her to produce a brilliant result. She invented an experimental apparatus for measuring humidity of powdered materials in the foodstuff industry sector.

After graduation, she was enrolled in the technical innovation team of the Pyongyang Daily Necessities Factory. It provided her with an opportunity to consolidate the knowledge she had learned in the university by combining production with technology. While working on the shop floor, she made several inventions and technical innovations, including the prolonging of the lifespan of tools needed in production and manufacture of a plastic bush.

Her speculation to create new things continues. In recent years, she developed an ultraviolet shielding cloth coated with a nano-material and introduced it into production, proving its worth in practice.

She always says: It was my dream to become a famous inventor. Now I’m going to implant the hope and aspiration I cherished in the prime of my life in the hearts of my disciples.

On the road of training talented personnel

She has been working as a teacher of Pyongyang College of Technology since Juche 103 (2014).

As suited to the features of a factory college, she has made multimedia conducive to improving the cognitive and practical abilities of students and a variety of experimental apparatuses. She has written “Chemical fibre production technology” and other textbooks and reference books, which are instrumental in improving the academic performance of students.

She improves the practical abilities of students by turning a lecture into a process for a teacher and students to learn from each other and have lively discussions and debates. Students find solutions to various technological problems arising in production in the course of receiving her lectures and guidance.

Today, her disciples are playing a pivotal role in the technical upgrading of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill, the Ryuwon Footwear Factory and other industrial establishments in Pyongyang. Many of them are developing into masters of technical conception.

She always enters the classroom with a desire and goal to train all students into practical talents.

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