First Hero Mine of the Country

One morning in May Juche 98 (2009), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited again the Taehung Youth Mine located at the dead end of a valley far away from Tanchon City in South Hamgyong Province.

Looking round the mine, he expressed great satisfaction over the fact that it produces magnesia clinker and light burned magnesia with anthracite abundant in the country without using any coking coal, an imported raw material.

Noting that magnesia clinker and light burned magnesia on display are of high quality, he stated that the production of fireproof materials in the Korean way represents a revolution and a great achievement of an epochal significance in developing the country’s industry.

Repeatedly praising the workers of the mine for performing a great feat, he said they have implemented President Kim Il Sung’s lifetime instruction for putting the national economy on a Juche-oriented basis and that all those who have engaged in the coke-free production of fireproof materials, including designers, workers and officials, were Heroes.

After looking for a while at the letters “Taehung Youth Mine” on a panoramic map hung on a wall, he turned his eyes towards the officials and said the mine should be renamed the Taehung Youth Hero Mine. 

He conferred the honourable title “Hero Miner” on the workers of the mine who rendered services to the domestic production of fireproof materials.

That’s how the mine was renamed Hero Mine, the first of its kind in the country.

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