Taehongdan Revolutionary Battle Site

The Taehongdan Revolutionary Battle Site located in Taehongdan County, Ryanggang Province is associated with the brilliant feats performed by President Kim Il Sung who led the main-force unit of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army to advance into the area in May Juche 28 (1939) during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

Taehongdan is a plateau surrounded by such over 1 000-metre-high Taeroun, Jung and Kwanmo mountains and Kkachi Peak. Sohongdan Stream on its south meanders to the east. 

After laying down a policy of advancing into the homeland at the Beidadingzi Meeting, Kim Il Sung led the main-force unit of the KPRA to make a thrust into the Musan area.

On the morning of May 22, 1939, he left the Mupho bivouac and arrived in the vicinity of a mountain shrine in the Taehongdan tableland, and dispatched the unit to two directions of Singaechok and Sinsadong.

He personally led the 8th Regiment and the Guard Company to Sinsadong.

According to his tactical policy, the main-force unit of the KPRA annihilated the enemy at a stroke in Sinsadong and Singaechok and provided the locals with lots of foods and clothes they seized from the enemy.

Kim Il Sung delivered a historic speech, titled, “Let Us Rise Up Vigorously in the Anti-Japanese Struggle to Hasten the Liberation of the Homeland”, before the locals in Sinsadong.

After successfully winding up the political and military activities in the Sinsadong area, he led his unit to Taehongdan on May 23.

That day, he commanded a battle on the Taehongdan tableland to destroy the enemy on the heels of a KPRA unit which had been dispatched to Singaechok, and won a great victory there.

In the battle site stands the Monument to the Victorious Battle in the Musan Area which was erected to commemorate the shining victories in the battles in the Musan area, including the Battle of Taehongdan.

There are also the post where Kim Il Sung commanded the Battle of Taehongdan, a spring site and a resting place.

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