US Sanctions on Cuba Are Human Rights Abuse

The US persists in its hostile moves against Cuba.

The US has announced that it would impose sanctions on major organizations and personages in Cuba, citing “coercive repression” and “human rights abuse” as pretexts, after its plan to overturn Cuba through “colouring revolution” had ended in a fiasco.

The US chief executive even bluffed applying more sanctions unless there comes a “crucial change” in Cuba.

In the meantime, the US is touting the “examination of the remittance policy for supporting Cuban nationals” and “provision of services through consulate”.

This is designed to create extreme distrust in the government and illusion about the US among the Cuban people and thus spark off social chaos. It is also aimed at paralyzing the state administration and thus undermining the economy and the people’s living in the country.

The US sanctions are never meant to respect and defend the rights of the Cuban people.

They are truly oriented to destroying the sovereignty, right to existence and right to development of the Cuban people as it has been proven by the contents of the anti-Cuba sanctions that have persisted for the past over 60 years.

The US, regarding the Cuban revolution as a thorn in the flesh, made all sorts of legal and institutional mechanisms harmful to the economic development and the people’s livelihood in Cuba. This has caused over 1 trillion US dollars of economic damage.

It has imposed over 240 sanctions only when counting from 2017, typically the suspension of oil supply and additional sanctions on organizations responsible for supplying daily necessities.

The US embargo getting harsher and harsher threatening the economic foundation of Cuba and its public health system under the worldwide public health crisis clearly points to the hypocrisy and deception of rhetoric about “defence of human rights” touted by the US authorities.

To encroach upon the sovereignty and independence of other countries and impose economic blockade on them is a wanton violation of the principles of the universally accepted international laws such as respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs stipulated in the UN Charter and various international documents.

The UN General Assembly has adopted resolutions on withdrawing the US anti-Cuba blockade with majority votes, 29 of them up to this year since 1992.

The US anti-Cuba sanctions in contravention of international laws and the unanimous will of the world are clearly human rights abuse and crime.

The US criminal racket of imposing sanctions on Cuba must be terminated immediately.

Kim Myong Chol, international affairs analyst

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