Pyongyang Int’l Environment Agency

Established in August Juche 106 (2017), the Pyongyang International Environment Agency is an NGO which engages in promoting cooperation with non-governmental organizations and bodies in different countries around the world in the sectors of environmental protection and nature conservation.

The agency develops projects for environmental protection and cooperates in solving technical and practical matters arising in their implementation. 

It has made investigations and researches into such internationally-endangered species of migratory birds as swans, swan geese and Mergus squamatus in the wetland reserves of the country, developed such projects as the climate change adaptation and mitigation and the targets of land degradation neutrality, and rendered technical cooperation to this end.

It has made a contribution to publishing and disseminating various kinds of books such as the “List of the DPRK’s Wetlands”, “Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve”, “Pictorial Book of Shorebirds” and “Wetland in Rason”. It has also rendered active support to colourful events held in the DPRK, which were sponsored by an international body, including the Workshop on Environmental Protection in Mt Paektu: Water and Waste Management, the Workshop on Ecosystem Preservation in Mt Chilbo Biosphere Reserve, and the observation of birds in the Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve and a photo exhibition.

In the run-up to World Environment Day, Day of International Biodiversity, World Desertification and Drought Day, World Ozone Day and other occasions, it conducts vigorous publicity activities to raise public awareness about the ecological environment protection.

The agency offers technical and advisory services for solving the problems of environmental protection raised by local institutions, industrial establishments and organizations.

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